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Monthly Archives: December 2010

I love this season!

Its cold. Tons of hot chocolate. A warm fire. Family is all around you. And TONS of blankets!!! Lol

I really don’t like the cold… but it wouldn’t be Christmas without it! I decided Christmas should be at the end of Jan. so then I could enjoy winter a whole lot better. It seems like once the holidays are over there is no point for cold. I do love the feeling of being trapped inside when its so cold out though! I just don’t like to be out in it:P

I hope you all have a great holidays!! Stay warm and safe travels.

Best of 2010 Weddings

SO just to get the blog started off I am doing a post with what I would consider some of the best images from 2010 weddings. Its kinda fun to go back and look at what my work looked like 6 months ago. It makes me laugh though to see what I did… Like I look back at different things and think I could of done this better and that. So anyway here they are!