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Monthly Archives: March 2011


I have known Ben for quite some time now…. or at least I have been told;)Our families used to home school together back when I was very much younger. We used to do P.E. and sports together when we were in 5th and 6th grade.

Ben I hope you have a great rest of the school year…. and I hope you have a great year next year at college with your sisters:)
Thank you for using me and I hope they are what you imagined them to be!



I am in love with weddings… no really weddings are for sure my favorite thing to shoot! Or more like couples in general. I love getting the chance to meet new people and really know nothing about them and get the chance to be the one that capture their special day.

Jake and Colleen were super amazing enough to meet with me on short notice just two weeks before the wedding and I’m SO thankful they did! We got the chance to just talk it all out. That is so nice for me as the photographer because then I am able to know what the day is going to look like as well as any details that I need to know. Its also good because if You as the client haven’t met me before then we get the chance to meet and not have that stressful moment of you not even knowing what I look like;-)I think it also puts the bride and groom at ease because we have already had the chance to connect and talk before all the stress gets there!

I really hope you guys had the best day of your lives and I’m so thankful that you allowed me to capture it! I hope these photos bring you back to the special little moments of this day for the rest of your lives.



Sometimes starting a blog post is the hardest thing to do. The reason why I like to say a little before the pictures is so you can get to know me…. me who I am behind the camera! So I hope that at the end of each blog post you go away feeling like you know who I am a little better. I think that is so important to know who I am wether you are having me shoot your family portraits, wedding, or senior pictures. If you know who I am you won’t worry about me not getting that special moment captured.

Jill and I have kinda a funny story….
About what 5-6 years ago we only lived about 10 minutes away from each other. But that was before we met. We finally met at a graduation party and shortly after that her family moved to Georgia. So we got to know each other over IM and Facebook.
She now lives in Arkansas and this past weekend was up here helping her older sister move to Wichita.

We had taken some pictures last fall (a few of those are up on the Facebook page If you want to take a look at those) but since she was here we decided to do a few more:-)I hope you like all of them girly!!! I love you so much. When anyone looks at you they see Jesus’s light. So as you go to college keep shining!!!!!



Its so hard for me to believe that this little guy was in his Mom’s tummy… especially when I shoot their maternity pictures and a couple weeks later here is a newborn! Vatiken has one of the cutest little faces. I was VERY excited to be shooting him!

I hope you guys like your pictures and thank you for having me capture these special moments of your new family!