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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Bell Family

I loved how energetic and fun this family was!!! I hadn’t ever met them at all and they weren’t friends of friends…. They were my very first clients to find me off of google!!! Melissa had googled photographers close to her and I was the first one to come up! Isn’t that amazing!!?

I can’t tell how excited I am to be sharing these. When I was editing them they made me smile because of some joke that was told here or something that made us laugh in this photo. So here they are guys. And thanks for being so amazing!!!



Antique Shopping

This past Wednesday my amazing Grandpa and I had decided to meet for Breakfast. Then he had said that we should go and look around at the Antique stores here in Newton. SOO even though the wind was beyond cold and it was overcast (which made it even more fun;)) We went and looked around…

First off All I have to say is you never know what you can find in the best places. I used to hate to go antique shopping or garage sale-ing. But it has to be one of my favorite things now.

I have a very modern meets antique decorating style. So looking around was so much fun to say the least. AND I ended up finding quite a few awesome finds. Not only for my future decorating needs;)But for newborn shoots as well!

It was really funny though because He kept saying to me now you know we have a bucket that is in much better shape or you can find a brand new one here…. Then after a while I think he realized what I wanted was this old almost rusted out bucket not the brand new shiny one.

And for those of you who keep up with my FB page you know I have been newborn shopping a lot lately. I will post the wraps and backgrounds when they get here. But here is what I got the other day. I can’t wait to use them!!!!!



Morton Family

I loved getting to meet this family. They are related to Courtney from the engagement session Courtney+Jordan. So it was a special treat getting to work with them!

Sometimes when you have younger kids you never know how long they will be able to pay attention or want to keep smiling just one more time. So even though little Lane and Avery weren’t really in the mood that still didn’t stop us from having a good time. When I was editing the pictures and sorting them I couldn’t help but laugh because really… this is how life is! Its not about always have that picture perfect picture where everyone looks just like they came out of a magazine.

But its about capturing who you really are…. And this family is beautiful! So thank you Mortons for letting me capture your beautiful family on the inside and out!!!



I gotta admit.. I just love showing before and after photos. Not because I want people to say “Oh she makes her photos the way they are through photoshop”. But because I love how slight small changes can take a photo from being Oh that is a nice photo to… BAM!

I shoot all my photos in RAW so I can batch edit in PhotoShop RAW Editing Program. And I sort my photos through Bridge.

Oh and just so you know because I never knew for such a long time but SOOC means straight out of camera. It means that there is no resizing retouching of any kinda at all.

So here is a couple I have put together through the last couple sessions…


Exposure  +1.45, Contrast +46, Vibrance +42, Temperature 5350/+12, Vignette -55

Exposure +0.05, Blacks +8, Contrast +74, Saturation -100

Contrast +49, Vibrance +23, Temperature 5400/0, Vignette -58

Exposure +0.50, Contrast +49, Vibrance +27, Temperature 6550/-10, Vignette -34

Exposure +0.35, Contrast +46, Vibrance +30, Temperature 5850/-7, Vignette -38

Exposure +0.30, Blacks +8, Contrast +73, Vibrance +43, Temperature 5100/+5, Vignette -26

Exposure +0.35, Blacks +15, Contrast +75, Vibrance +41, Temperature 6450/+12, Vignetter -19

Contrast +76, Vibrance +14, Temperature 5600/+2, Vignette -39

Exposure +1.30, Contrast +58, Vibrance +21, Temperature 7350/-9

Blacks +15, Contrast +63, Vibrance +23 Temperature 5100/+9, Vignette -32, and then on the b&w Saturation -100

Exposure +0.65, Contrast +25, Saturation -100, Blacks +12Contrast +48, Vibrance +30, Temperature 6600/+3


I also use the action called Magic Sharp on all my photos before they go on the web.

So as you can see its really not doing much… just adding a few contrasting here and there:)



Rosenstiel Family

I can’t really even describe how amazing it feels to have my job… and I know that probably sounds like a broken record. Or that I say stuff like this all the time But really how more fun could a job get? Having complete strangers use you to capture a special moment or time in their lives?! Its a incredible feeling.

Nikki and her girls are related to my July wedding Brianna+Kenny. So that is how they connected with me! I had so much fun with these girls. Plus we got to include their super duper cute puppies!

They definitely know how to bring their serious pose;)I loved the fun and fierceness they brought to their pictures. Thank you so much for letting me capture your sweet personalities.