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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Nguyen Family

I met the Nguyen Family last fall when I did my special for Christmas. I was so excited when Julie asked me to take their family photos again.

We had decided to reschedule when the wind was super bad one day and of course it decided to leave as soon as we made the choice. Thankfully it wasn’t to bad when we did their family session. Of course it could of been better:PBut I’m glad we got it squeezed in!

Thank you so much you guys! Your kids are the cutest siblings ever.;)


It feels good to be Loved

Well as you all know who read this blog regularly I just got home last night from being a week in Utah. We had a pretty rough couple of flights getting home. We had to be up in the air a extra hour our first flight do to bad weather in Dallas. Then when we finally got on our next plane they announced that we had to take a completely different route to Wichita because of the storms. We went all the way around Oklahoma so we didn’t get to Wichita until 10:00ish when we were supposed to land at 9:10.

But I loved all the turbulence and extra flying. Its like a big roller coaster but way better Because there is no track and you can see all the world below you:D

It was so cool Adrian brought my dog to the Airport. So she was waiting for me in the van when we got there. She totally freaked out! Her whole body shaking and was so excited. I think she kinda couldn’t believe it was me! LOL

Anyway then when I got to my room I saw all this from my little siblings. And all I can think is I feel so bad for people who don’t have any family…. Because it sure feels good to be loved!


Day 6 Utah

Our last night here…. the last blog post… and the last time I tell of our fun little happenings around here!!

One thing that I don’t think everyone realizes is how you don’t know a person really until you “live” with them for longer then 4 days. Not that I have decided I don’t like any of these people anymore;)But it makes your learn to love the people you are with even more because even if they act ronchy or selfish… take a moment and realize you are acting the same way to them! Ya know?

I have had so much fun here. I will have to admit besides getting to play and read stories to my cousins AND taking photos of these beautiful mountains… My absolute favorite time has been being with Rachel. She is so amazing to me. She is one of those people in my life that show me what being a true friend is. Its not being there when its convenient to you. Its about being there when your friend needs you most. Even if your tired, could be doing other things, or it doesn’t benefit you. But yet you are there because you are a true friend. That is what Rachel has been for me.

Like just now she comes into the room and says ok guess what I just did? I was at the bottom of the steps and thought there was one more step and almost fell because it was really the floor. HAhaha I love this girl! I wish I could video how she is at night because it is like getting a free comedian show. BUT I’m pretty sure she would never forgive me ;D

I love you so much Rach and Thank you for going through life with me! Even when I am ronchy and selfish:D

We were on our way home from seeing a movie with everyone and I just had to turn back and take this photo. I think my absolute favorite look is the mountains at night with all the house and christmas lights on. I am going to miss this view so much! This photo was one that I just “saw” as I went. The light reminds me of Chronicles of Narnia.





Bye Amazing Utah! thanks for all the goofy and amazingly fun times!


Day 5 Utah

We had so much fun today! Even though it was cold and I was really sleepy we did a mini session with the girls. I am so proud of how they stuck it out in the cold. When we first got out there I was a little worried because Bailey already started saying ok one picture I am cold. LOL

But we started having fun and she was laughing… so obviously she forgot about it;)The first one is of Bailey (age 11) and the second is Brynnah (age 7)




Day 4 Utah

Well this morning I woke up with a very sore throat. Or lets say I got out of bed considering I didn’t really sleep…. But I wasn’t sure if I actually was sick or if it was just from the dry-ness up here.

We weren’t really planning to do anything big today because we were supposed to get a big snow storm this afternoon. But it of course got postponed until tonight;)But I really was happy to not have anything planned. Just hang out, play some games, and enjoy family.

Rach and I decided to go to walmart and then on our way home pick up Bailey at the bus stop. I had to get some medicine and cough drops and so it just worked out perfectly to get “B” On our way back.

Tonight was a very big blessing to me. You see Bailey my cousin (11 years old) has autism. And even though she is very good at communicating and living in general. She still has a very hard time connecting to people or being in social situations. When I was younger Bailey was always really good with me and my sister. It was most likely due to the fact that we were closer to her age. So it was easier for her. But since its been a very long time since I have really been able to see her I wasn’t sure how it was going to be between us you could say.

It has taken her quite a few days to warm up to us but right away I was amazed at how much she had progressed. She was making eye contact and talking so well with us. And even if you have to wait a little bit to get a answer to your question she would answer it. I really think this world would be 1,000 times better if we all would learn from the “smarter” ones. I can honestly say that I believe Bailey is smarter then me. And if she isn’t on some things right now… she will be in a couple years.

We were sitting at the dinner table last night and she said to my Grandma how when her dad (my mom’s brother) was younger they had no seat belts. And she began to tell us how unsafe it was. So my Grandma started telling her this story of how one time they got in a wreck and my uncle went flying into the windshield because they had to slam on their breaks. And Bailey says inertia… and of course she says it so fast that we couldn’t understand so she preceded to show us with her plate… she pushed it forward and it ran into a box and her bread went flying out. Now I can honestly say that just blew me away. And we all call these people inadequate???

Soooo Tonight we were eating and went to pray (hold hands) and “B” starting playing that down by the banks hand game. And that is what broke it loose. We played that after dinner for 30 minutes which turned into a chasing game which turned into hide-n-seek… and that turned into having the girls on our piggy backs and we were their horses chasing each other. LOL Lets just say after having a sore throat and all that screaming and playing… My voice is a tad bit hoarse;)

I would just like to commend all those mothers and fathers and families out there who has a special kid to raise. No one realizes just how much work and love goes into it. And I want to say way to not give up. On any kid for that matter!

Yes I know we don’t have makeup on… we are sweating our brains out… and look like we are about to fall over. But I have to admit. This will probably be my favorite photo of this whole trip. Because it will always remind me of this very special evening that we got to spend with these two very beautiful girls.