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Day 6 Utah

Our last night here…. the last blog post… and the last time I tell of our fun little happenings around here!!

One thing that I don’t think everyone realizes is how you don’t know a person really until you “live” with them for longer then 4 days. Not that I have decided I don’t like any of these people anymore;)But it makes your learn to love the people you are with even more because even if they act ronchy or selfish… take a moment and realize you are acting the same way to them! Ya know?

I have had so much fun here. I will have to admit besides getting to play and read stories to my cousins AND taking photos of these beautiful mountains… My absolute favorite time has been being with Rachel. She is so amazing to me. She is one of those people in my life that show me what being a true friend is. Its not being there when its convenient to you. Its about being there when your friend needs you most. Even if your tired, could be doing other things, or it doesn’t benefit you. But yet you are there because you are a true friend. That is what Rachel has been for me.

Like just now she comes into the room and says ok guess what I just did? I was at the bottom of the steps and thought there was one more step and almost fell because it was really the floor. HAhaha I love this girl! I wish I could video how she is at night because it is like getting a free comedian show. BUT I’m pretty sure she would never forgive me ;D

I love you so much Rach and Thank you for going through life with me! Even when I am ronchy and selfish:D

We were on our way home from seeing a movie with everyone and I just had to turn back and take this photo. I think my absolute favorite look is the mountains at night with all the house and christmas lights on. I am going to miss this view so much! This photo was one that I just “saw” as I went. The light reminds me of Chronicles of Narnia.





Bye Amazing Utah! thanks for all the goofy and amazingly fun times!


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