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Same Day Slideshow

Ever since I have heard of something that is called a same day slideshow I have wanted to do it. I kept putting it off and putting it off because I didn’t know exactly when I would be able to fit it in on a wedding day.

A same day slideshow is where right before the reception (usually before the bride and groom or even the guests get to the reception) you really lightly edit 10-15 images from the day. Then you set your laptop on a small table by the line for either cake or food and let everyone see a small sneak peak from the day.

So I just kept putting it off… I knew how great it could be for my business but was a little scared to start doing it. I mean you have to remember what pictures each memory card holds and then quickly pick some and edit super fast. Well I decided back in October that I WAS going to do it. Even if it didn’t get any new clients or bring any new brides in. I was going to do it. I had planned it all out except the table but the church ended up having one. It went super well. I don’t think I placed the laptop in the greatest place but hey it was my first time.

When you think about it its a great idea to have a same day slideshow. I mean come on… you have about 400 people that are there to see the bride and groom. They are there for them but really have no idea what you as a photographer can do. But if you bring out your laptop and place a couple business cards there. They can see what you can do! And its of the bride and groom that they are celebrating with. WIN WIN!!

Serena {Love By Serena} - December 20, 2011 - 7:55 am

That’s so awesome – I’m glad everything went well! =)

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