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Monthly Archives: February 2012


I hadn’t had a kids session for quite some time but this family was fun to work with! With kids you just can never know how things are going to go. But if you patient enough and get them to think you aren’t taking their picture they end up not caring.

Little miss Korah defiantly gave me a run for my money LOL But we ended up getting some good images of her anyway! I was really impressed with the way Cannan was so patient and listened to what we needed him to do.

Thanks so much guys!


Wedding and Parent Albums

I have been stressing over where to print my albums for quite some time. I knew I wanted the option of being able to choose the color of leather, have a photo on the front, and their names and dates on the front. But the two printing companies I buy my products from don’t have all these options together. And if they did it wasn’t exactly what I wanted.

So when I saw on another photographers blog these amazing books I knew it was exactly what I wanted. They have all three of the things I wanted and more! Plus the people have been amazing to work with.

Here is my very first album from them for a client. And I just ordered my example books…. I can’t wait to see them!

Oh and the second album is the parent albums that come with the #1 package.



My first photographer workshop Expirence

One of my goals for 2012 was to attend a photographer workshop. I have been waiting for my first workshop for quite some time now. I wanted to make sure if I was going to pay money on something like this that I would know it would be worth it for me.

I wanted to make sure I knew who the photographer was. I wanted to know their style and love the expressions they could get out of their clients. Lauren Clark definitely fit the bill perfectly!

She is amazing at getting people to be them in front of her. Even when they are complete strangers. She has a great way of making the clients be comfortable in front of her and let it not be awkward. Which I really wanted to see how another photographer did it. It can be super hard to get to know people within a couple minutes so that it feels like you have been best friends forever. Which is what us as photographers have to do!

There were two really big things that I wanted to learn from Lauren. How she got such amazing skin tones and yet still had great colors and contrast in her photos. I loved how open she was and had that very simple way of explaining things.

AND how to confidently use flash at receptions. She explained it in such a way that just made it totally click for me! I have recently just gotten really comfortable with using off camera flash and she made it fall into place with using it on Manual. It made me want to do a happy dance LOL

It was also amazing to be able to connect with other photographers that may be exactly where I am at. The class only had three of us and then Lauren so it was awesome having a small group but yet enough to be able to bounce questions off of each other. Of course Lauren is incredible and has been doing it for quite some time. But the other two ladies were in the same boat as me. So it was really awesome to be able to connect with them! And stay in contact with them as well!

If you are a photographer and haven’t been to a workshop I HIGHLY recommend it! Not only will it feel amazing to connect to other photographers but it will feel great to know you are learning from someone you want to learn from.

It was also great to have a couple come in and help us practice the things Lauren taught us. So here are some images from that:)


Wedding Family Formals-Flash

I have recently learned how to create different types of family formals with the help of a amazingly nice photographer (Josh from Joshua Ayres photography).

So here is what I am asking you…. If you were a bride which style of light would you prefer?

I personally love the look of the dramatic light. Where the light is mainly on the subjects and its darker in the background. But I think it also looks great having the light just be a help light so everything is focused. Like the second image.

Please feel free to leave your opinion of which style you like and why. It would be super helpful!!!

For those who want to know what settings these were shot at…

Image on the left: ISO-200, 1/200, f-3.2, Flash- ETTL

Image on the right: ISO 800, 1/100, F-4.0, Flash 1/8


slowing down

Its amazing to me how God uses little things in our lives to show us what He wants us to learn.

As you have known I have been going going going for quite awhile now. I really haven’t had any break since last August. And when I mean that I mean have no editing to do for a couple days, no sessions back to back, and no panicking on getting weddings edited before I have another one. I haven’t been this caught up on work since last summer. Kinda weird when I really think about it.

I was supposed to have a kids session this morning but the mom texted me and said with this rain and fog are we really going to be able to get good photos? And so I said not as good as I’d like. So we decided to reschedule. (Which I am really looking forward to that session!!) It feels so great to just go about my day and think of the small stuff I want to get done. I have one thing left to do for photos and that is it. So I have been really working on school the last couple of days.

Anyway, So I have been feeling a little scatter brained lately. Not being able to get a whole lot done other then editing and going on shoots. And when I’m not doing that I’m trying to not fall over dead from being tired:PSo this morning after I decided we were going to reschedule the shoot I got my bible plan out and read my little devotion for the day.

Which just happened to be about taking on to many responsibilities and being able to really enjoy the life God has given us. Lately I have been feeling so busy that I just haven’t been able to enjoy things. Then reading that just made me feel so lucky to have this little break before things get super busy again. I love what I do! But I have to admit it feels great to be able to do what I do right now and still be able to enjoy other things:-)

Happy Wednesday!