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Monthly Archives: March 2012


Kristin emailed me a while ago asking for some new head shots for her recitals coming up. I was happy it worked out to do it when they were on spring break. Thanks so much Kristin.


Putter Family

My mom has worked with Denise since she started working at Wesley. And after that they took one of our older horses for their kids to ride. So we have known the Putters for quite some time now. Well we finally got around to actually doing a family session, which has been in the works for quite some time.

I loved how they wanted to just do the session around their house. They have a quite the gorgeous home. With white fence, a fire truck, and a amazing blooming tree. So we had tons of options to choose from! Thanks again you guys. I loved capturing your family!!!



Most of the time when I meet with couples before the engagement session I can tell what type of couple they are. Like if they are quiet, laugh really easily, more affectionate, or If they may take a little more time to warm up to you. But with Devon and Courtney they were different then when I first met them.

This could be because Devon had gotten into a car accident a couple days before so he might not of been feeling very good. But let me tell you. These two know how to have fun! About two poses into the session I told them I felt like I couldn’t even tell them they were doing great because they didn’t need me to interrupt them. LOL

Devon and Courtney met in High School. You would never of guessed that they had been together that long… ya know how sometimes the joy and sparkle fizzles out after a couple years? Well this was not the case with these two! They made faces at each other and were goofy and so sweet the whole session. It was a joy to work with them and I can’t wait for their September outdoor wedding!


He wants to be my friend?

Have you ever thought if how friends seem go come and go so easily in our lives? Lately I feel like i can’t enjoy friendships like I want to because I wonder how long they will last.

Well do you also notice how God never leaves?! It may feel like it but in reality we are the ones that come and go for him. Then I wonder why would God want us to have Relationships that we wonder when they will end?

Then I had a thought… ( yes I know dangerous huh?) well if we always had relationships that always lasted. Would we feel like we needed God? Would we search and seek Him in difficult situations if we had friends to always back us up? Don’t get me wrong I have some pretty amazing friendships. but life gets busy… People get busy.. it happens! But me personally I always feel like I need to run to someone. Today it hit home for me. That friend that is waiting to back me up. Is God!

So heres to a day of letting God be our friend.



Believe it or not this photo was taken through a window. With my new 200mm 2.8L. I LOVE this lens. When I was trying to decide if I should buy the fixed 200mm or go with the very popular 70-200mm I had a hard time deciding. Then I realized I love all my other prime lenses why wouldn’t I buy another? So here is a shot with it:)


OHHH these two!!! I first met them back in October I believe. (which seems forever ago!) So it had been awhile since I first met them. But you never would of guessed that when we started this session. It was easy, comfortable, and relaxing being with them.

I really love how Tom and Rebecca can just talk and talk and talk without ever running out of things to say. And their ability to make each other laugh is something special. I can’t even remember ever saying anything that made them laugh. They did it all on their own!

I can’t wait for their July wedding!