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Monthly Archives: April 2012


Kylie’s mom and my mom grew up together so I was really excited when I got the message that they had chosen me for their wedding photographer.

One thing I realized when working with these two that they truly enjoy being with each other. Phillip may not of felt really comfortable taking photos but you could tell he did it for Kylie. And yet they both totally rocked it! I loved how we could talk and laugh and it wasn’t like I’m laughing just because your laughing type of thing.

I know that January will be here before we know it and I’m so pumped for their wedding!






So this last weekend I had three engagement sessions. And after working with Nate and Shellie I decided to describe each couples love.

Nate and Shellie… I would define the way they are with each other simple. Like nothing is complicated in their relationship! I mean I know everyone has problems but with these two they know they can get through anything. And still love each other just as much in the end!

The way they laughed with each other during the session was contagious. I can’t wait to work with them again in June for their wedding!!!




I just love it when I hear how clients find me. Like Talleyann’s mom knew a client of mine and that client came from another client. That is a really neat feeling when you get so many clients from other people that have used you.

I loved getting to take photos of Talleyann at Botanica. I loved getting to see her adorable expressions. Thank you you so much guys!



Sometimes I feel like working with seniors is cheating… I mean they are just so easy and fun! And DeJoria was so beautiful and fun. She had the most beautiful smile and yet knew how to rock out a serious face!

Thank you so much for letting me work with your sweet daughter. I had a great time and loved working with your sweet family!





Little Evan wasn’t quite sure about us taking his pictures. He really just wanted to sleep and be left alone. But we eventually got the poses we wanted;)

Thank you guys for allowing me to capture this special moment.