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I am so beyond thrilled to get to take this gorgeous girls wedding photos. I have been Facebook friends with her for years now with mutual photography interest but never have had the pleasure of meeting her until now. And let me tell you she definitely lives up to her name. She brought her sister along and let me tell you the laughter was not lacking through the whole session. When I told them how to pose for the first time and they already couldn’t stop laughing I knew this was going to be easy and fun.

I can’t wait for their January 1st wedding!




Two people that are made for each other…. That can laugh about anything…. Enjoy all of life’s little moments…. And love each other for who they are. Not for who they think they can make them be.


Thats what I saw and felt just being with this couple for a hour. You know those people you meet and instantly you can have a good time together? I loved getting to experience this with Ethan and Rachel. The whole time I kept thinking and saying how I couldn’t wait for their wedding beginning of January. I know that day will radiate even more joy and love than the little bit I got to experience in the two hours I was with them.






When I met Aaron and Elisabeth for their engagement session  I immediately saw the love and joy they had for each other. It was super fun getting to know this couple and I’m excited for their December wedding.




You know those couples that are so easy and care free together and it makes you just want to sit and watch and much fun they have together? This couple reminded me of that. The way they just giggled and laughed so easily made taking their photos easy!!!


Thanks for choosing us to capture this special time in your lives. We can’t wait for your September wedding!





This couple was so giggly and laughing you could just see the joy that they have with each other all the time. I am so excited for their December wedding to be here!