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You know those couples that are so easy and care free together and it makes you just want to sit and watch and much fun they have together? This couple reminded me of that. The way they just giggled and laughed so easily made taking their photos easy!!!


Thanks for choosing us to capture this special time in your lives. We can’t wait for your September wedding!





This couple was so giggly and laughing you could just see the joy that they have with each other all the time. I am so excited for their December wedding to be here!





Anna was in our wedding that we shot right after our own wedding. So when she asked us about shooting her own wedding we were bummed when she told us their wedding date was set for August 16th and we weren’t available!

I love love love the way this couple is so true and just genuinely loved each other. I literally had to pose them and they would just talk and laugh and kiss. It was so much fun to see happy they make each other.










I love this girl so much. I have had so many great memories with her as we have grown up riding horses together. From riding barefoot after a show to riding bareback on a cold fall at night. I loved getting to photograph this couple with their ponies and dogs all around.





Ok can I just say how amazingly fun this couple is?! I noticed pretty quickly off the serious photos probably weren’t going to be happening at this session. Which is fine by me I really love laughing and giggling engagement sessions.

This incredible couple wants to be missionary’s together. I love their story and how from the beginning Kevin said if this isn’t something you would like to do let me know now because I know God has called me to do this. What a amazing thing to put our Lord above everything you want and feel. And here they are! Answering that call together!