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Garver Family=Lifestyle Maternity

Ah you guys Lifestyle sessions are the way to go! Let me share from my own experience as well as a photographer’s advice. Stepping into someones home to capture who they are puts these sessions on a whole new level. Allowing someone to take photos of you in your everyday lives….. puts capturing memories in a whole new level with lifestyle sessions. Even if you think you don’t have the most gorgeous home, with picture frames and wall decorations all over, or even a super clean home. It doesn’t matter. Because all you need is windows and YOUR family.

This was my first lifestyle session and I’m not going to lie. It was perfect! Not because their two year old acted perfect with the perfect smile. NO it was because it was so relaxed. We had no time frame. And yet it didn’t take as long as a normal session would of. Because we were in her element. We were in their home. Where they are a family behind closed doors. That is what we got to capture. I am sharing every single image from this session so you everyone can see what this truly looks like.

Stay tuned for BIRTH PHOTOS! Thats right. This sweet family is allowing me to capture their birth when this sweet baby makes his or her debut!




I loved getting to work with this adorable, spunky, crazy, and so in love family. I loved getting to work with this little guy as he ran through the tall grass and loved on mama’s belly.

So excited for their sweet new addition to be here!




Oh my where do I even start with how much I love this family? I wish that every client of mine understood what Jen and Michael do. They get that with these precious moments they go fast and how important it is to capture them to have to look back on.

One thing that I realized with this shoot with being married this time (I did their maternity and newborn sessions with their first baby Avery Rose) is that not only we were capturing the special time in their lives of the kids. BUT the changes and feelings they are going through as a married couple. Each pregnancy brings different challenges and life lessons you get to experience together and you could see that love grow with them as we took photos of just them together too.

Is Connor here yet?! haha I can’t wait to meet this little boy.




This week has been really busy. Its like I blinked and its Wednesday. I had Adrian’s little niece with us for a couple days while her mommy and daddy had a new little boy. So I will be trying to catch up on editing and posting sessions today as much as I can.


I can’t believe its already been a year since these two got married. They have blessed me so much with their friendship and being able to build a relationship past the client and photography stage. I can not wait for their little girl to be here!




I want to be like this couple when we have kids. I ADORE the way they are just so excited and anticipating the arrival of their little girl! And the fact that they have prayed for her long before on her way just gives me goose bumps.

You can’t find a more cute couple than this. They have been together since high school and I love how they were giggling and laughing the whole session. When I asked them to just talk to each other or look at each other the whole time Breann was saying stuff like I love your eyes or your so cute!