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This little boy holds a special place in so many hearts already. I had the absolute pleasure of taking Rosie’s SR photos a couple years ago. She is also adopted from Haiti and reminds me SO much of my little sister Josie. She has the same laugh and tender heart towards other people and will care for them in the same loving way.

Rosie a lot of people (including myself) with life are quick to think of “what if’s” but God says to you EVERYTHING that happens big or small was apart of his plan. So there are no “what if’s” but rather “Ok Lord…. what now are you teaching and guiding us through?”. I am so beyond happy and blessed to get to capture this little man the next year.

AND holy cow is he not the cutest little chocolate baby (as my siblings say it) there ever was?!



2014 Pricing

Hey everyone I have struggled for quite some time about my prices. I have not changed my prices in almost two years. And in that time I have gotten new equipment, invested more time, and gotten more experience as a all around photographer. But have kept my prices the same way.

I also got married the past year and just really feeling God tug at my heart to not be so invested and taken with photography. I absolutely love what I do. I still have a passion for it. But I want to be able to enjoy life AND those family moments just like everyone else.

SOO with this being said I am going ahead and changing my prices. I really don’t have anymore openings for this coming wedding season until next fall. I just don’t want to get to that point where I am so busy with photography that I am not taking each session or wedding and putting all I’ve got into it.



Package #1 3,500

Engagement session-CD includes edited high resolution images

Wedding coverage-Getting ready, ceremony, and 1 hour of reception

2 Photographers

CD with all the edited high resolution images and photo rights release

1 Album 20 pages/10×10

2 Parent Albums 10 pages/ 6×6

20- 4×6




Package #2 $3,000

Engagement session-CD includes edited high resolution images

Wedding coverage-getting ready, ceremony, and 1 hour of reception

2 Photographers

CD with all the edited high resolution images and photo rights release

1 Album 20 pages/8×8





Package #3 $2,000

Engagement session-CD includes the edited high resolution images

Wedding coverage-getting ready, ceremony, and 1 hour of reception

2 Photographers

CD with all the edited high resolution images and photo rights release


Portrait sessions-

All of these sessions include the edited images with the copyright

Newborn session $200

Birth photography $350

Maternity $125

Family $225

Senior session $200

3,6,9, & 1 year sessions $150


*****If you have already contacted me regarding a session or have already booked your wedding your session prices DO NOT change!******

If you are interested in scheduling something or need more information please email me at



This little beauty has been on my page a lot this past week. Even though she decided to be wide awake for close to a hour we got her back asleep and finished up her session really quick.

I have been really debating what to do as I have a upstairs room with three windows letting in the perfect light for newborn sessions but didn’t know if it would work well to have my clients come to me. SOO after decided to have this session at my house it ended up being WAY better knowing what kind of light I was going to be working with. I usually go to the clients house for newborn shoots but the past couple of times its just been really hard not having the kind of light I need. And even though its worked out ok after this session I can’t help but make the jump to having people come to me so I know I am getting that picture light every time. Not to mention it cut my editing time in half. So unless it doesn’t work for clients to come to me I will still go to them but after seeing how this turned out lighting wise I will always mention having them come to me.









Elliana Grace=Birth

Just editing these photos have reminded me why I love birth photography so much. The way you are just capturing this raw emotion and not posed…. is beyond amazing to get to experience.

I am hoping that at some point I can go to full time just births and newborns. I have really realized how much of a passion I have for this time in your lives that you really can’t get back ever.

This little girl has been prayed for for a very very long time. She has been anticipated and already cherished in a way that most people don’t ever get to experience. Welcome to the world little gorgeous girl!







It brought tears to my eyes to see this family together. I only know a little bit of their story but as most of you know adoption is so close to my heart. God has blessed this couple with baby Colt and you can see the true joy in their lives as they are together. I loved getting to know this family better and can’t wait to see them when Colt is three months!