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Life is a funny thing. One minute you are going about your day and then next you realize you Grandpa is passing into the arms of Jesus. I won’t ever fully get passed losing him (like I’m sure so many other people have experienced) But I am so thankful for new beginnings and new hope. And amazingly understanding clients to encourage along the way.

I really have loved getting to know this loving family. They just welcomed their second little boy into the family and can you see all that hair?!! This was one of my first sessions “back” after my Grandpa died. So it some ways it was very hard but Lacy and her gang made it easier.



Ellie Mae=Newborn

I had the privilege of ¬†photographing this adorable little girl’s parents too. I thought it was just perfect timing to see sunflowers on the side of the road since Danielle had sunflowers in her wedding last year.

Thanks for being such a relaxed mommy. It was great getting to meet your sweet girl Danielle!




Chloe Grace=Newborn

I know I say this a lot but my absolute favorite thing about my job is having clients come back and getting to see them go along with life and even add more people to their family. Which is what Chloe is to this couple. Congrats you guys!





This little doll decided he was going to be wide awake for the whole session! And as soon as we were done he was sacked out. I loved getting to know this little family and their adorable kids.





I had the pleasure of having two adorable baby girls in my “upstairs studio” here at home. I have to admit I absolutely LOVE newborn sessions and every single thing about them. I love how even at such a young age they have so much uniqueness and personality.

I love the necklace they had at their maternity session and brought it here for her newborn session. Little Emersyn you are beyond blessed to have the parents you have.  THEY PRAYED FOR YOU!