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This wedding was beyond fun to shoot. We had a gorgeous day with a little bit of wind and heat but with a fun wedding party and gorgeous couple what can stop you?!

We did the first look at the church and then headed over to a relatives house to shoot some outdoor photos.  Abby is adorable when she scrunches her nose up when she laughs and the way Kaleb will admire her or just laugh at everything with her. I loved having the chance to get to know Abby and Kaleb more and I can’t wait to see where God takes them in the future.


Logan+Alix=Couple Session

I really try to get clients to come up with their own locations if at all possible. I’ve really noticed when they use their family farm or even their own backyard it just seems so much more personable for each session. So I was really excited to see this amazing farm and gorgeous red barn.


Montano Family

You know when you get so busy and feel like your losing your mind?? That is what happened with me on this session. I totally forgot to post a preview of this session. So here is the full session;-)I can’t believe how cold it was for this session! It was the first of June and I was in a hoody and jeans. But we still got some great shots!


Hattie Lou=Newborn

Ahh this little girl finally is here. I can’t believe it!! I can’t believe it was only a couple years ago when I first shot this couple. To this day they are one of those very first shoots that I feel like defined my photography business. They were so out going and the love of God was on their faces. Hattie Lou you are blessed beyond words to be apart of this family.


UV Filters

I know that tons of other photographers have done blog posts or some sort of big speech on this subject. But I got my own personal experience this past wedding on why these suckers are so stinkin important!

For those of you who don’t know what they are its basically a clear piece of glass that sits on the front of your lens that protect the real part of your lens from getting broken or dusty.

So at my last wedding I was talking to some family members waiting for family photos to start and went to take my coat off. I had my camera in my hand but as I was transitioning my bag the camera dropped. Hitting the end of the lens first. I knew that it probably had broken because of how it fell. I was trying so hard not to panic because I had a whole group of people watching me. But also because this was my 35mm lens. The lens I use just as much if not more than my 50mm. And this wedding had a good decent sized wedding party. So I needed the extra wider angle.

I leaned down to pick it up and almost shouted for joy when I saw this had broken and my actual lens was untouched. Completely fine!

New photographers or photographers who haven’t heard of these filters. GET THEM NOW! No matter how cheap or not very good your lens is its so important to protect them. Believe me I take care of my equipment very carefully. But sometimes you have to invest in protection!