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Our first of three Christmas time weddings. I know I always say it but God really blesses us with meeting amazing couples and this one is definitely in that category. Their wedding day was graced with some GORGEOUS fog and for a winter December day it wasn’t cold at all.

Are they not so adorable together?! Congrats you two! It was such a honor getting to document our day.




We had a very busy Christmas season but boy was it good! We had the pleasure of photographing three weddings in between Christmas and right after New Years. Each wedding was very different and you could see the couple’s personality come out in each.

We were also blessed with amazing weather for winter. Each wedding had a time frame we shot the outdoor photos in and those small areas of time God blessed us with amazing weather. This wedding got the good old Kansas wind but everyone rocked it so well it looks planned in my opinion.;)And its fun to see how memorable in the years to come those little things make your special day that much more “your day”.

Congrats you two! We loved capturing your wedding day and special moments!



Where have I been? Fall 2014

Hey everyone you probably have noticed I haven’t been blogging or posting images on here as much. There is definitely a reason for that. After my grandpa passed away and I had so much to edit from my September weddings and small sessions. With the busy season upon me I made a choice to still work but cut down on my computer time. I really needed a way to still work but not be so stressed I wasn’t enjoying life or being so busy I wasn’t able to enjoy life and yet still getting clients their photos in time for Christmas.

And then I found out I was pregnant. I was very very blessed with a easy first trimester. I was exhausted. But the sickness side of things was so tolerable. I could eat away the “motion sickness” feeling. I could of slept all day long BUT I am really thankful. My fall and Christmas season was one of sorrow and definitely pain. Losing one of my best friends to the sickness of this world was tough. Seeing my family go through what we have gone through and are going through is even tougher. BUT God is still so good and gives us so much hope there is a reason for tomorrow and today.

I can say without a doubt the past year is one of those years where I look back and say I am glad its over. But I look back with so much joy and thankfulness. I can see how lucky I am to of been living so close to my grandpa through his last year of life on earth. I got to be with him….. doing things with him…. creating memories with him. I am even reminded that if he was a little bit older he might of had to go to war and not survived. I might not of been here or I might not have had that chance to know him like I did. And although I think his time on life was cut drastically short. I still got 20 years with him as my grandpa. I have gotten to see at a young age how short life can be. And how fast it can be cut short. I don’t want to wait for tomorrow to live like Christ wants me too.

SO with going through all this I prayed and have prayed a lot about how can I still not be so busy my mind is not always side tracked and yet still work? How can I still do the job I love to do and yet still be free to randomly go to my siblings basketball games? How can I get all my editing done and get clients their photos in a timely manner and yet still have emotional energy left over to love my husband and soon to be precious baby?

I really saw some areas I could give up and still accomplish all this. (and this is ever changing. I take this business day by day and client by client) Two major ones were how I got my clients their photos and blogging/posting images on the web. I have switched fully (except for weddings) to digital downloads. As soon as I am done editing the images they upload on a website where my clients can imediantly download and have them on their desktop ready for printing. And a major one is I don’t have to take the time to burn a CD and mail it.

I’m not really sure how often I will be blogging or posting sessions. I am continually looking for faster ways to do social media and getting clients to see my past work. But right now this is where God has me!

Here are some of my favorite moments from last fall. My heart has really been changing in how I see families, children, weddings, and newborn babies. Its not about all those posey images for me right now. Its those in between so real moments that make my heart melt.


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This super detailed bride had everything thought out. Literally every detail she had twisted to make it more “them” or make it more personal. I loved that we started the day out at her hair salon in Wichita doing everyone’s hair and makeup. As in the bride was doing everyone’s hair!;)

Even though it was such a hot day there was this perfectly shaded area by the parking lot of the church with a gorgeous set of tree’s AND another shaded fence that made taking photos easy. I’m so thankful that we got to be apart of your big day. Justin and Megan you were such a pleasure to work with and it was a honor to get to know your families and spend the day capturing your memories.








The day started out raining but that couldn’t stop the love and excitement of this day being finally being here. Caleb and Crystal knew each other all through their schooling years and have been dating for a very long time. So this day rain or shine… muddy or dry….. windy or still. Could not stop the joy of  the day finally being here!

I love it when couple’s choose to do a first look. The special time of it just being the bride and groom together with us capturing all those feelings is just so unique and can’t be duplicated. I love how when they are alone they get to be themselves and you see the joy truly come out. Sometimes when the couple see’s each other for the first time in front of everyone its not as emotional because everyone is watching them. But the way Crystal talked to Caleb all the way down the aisle was just priceless.

One other thing that I just have to add in is you may recognize Caleb’s best man….. His name is also Caleb and is getting married to beautiful bridesmaid Hope in December. And yes you guessed it they also chose us to document their big day. Here is to hoping its a gorgeous December day for their wedding.;)

Thank you guys for sharing in your big day with us. WE loved getting to know you even more and I know God has huge things in store for you and your marriage.